Lamar Odom And His New Girlfriend Sabrina Parr Exchange Kisses??

Do you know Khole Kardashian’s ex-husband, Lamar Odom, has engaged in a new relationship? Yes! Lamar Odom and his healing and life coach, Sabrina Parr, have become life partners. The news of their relationship is pretty viral.

Is it fake?

According to some sources, the news is fake! They are not dating at all. one says,” nothing is going on between  Sabrina and Lamar.” But when Lamar himself agrees about his relationship on social media, everything gets cleared. He even named Sabrina as her ‘ new woman’. According to him,” I’m a little bit disappointed to read that people are using  my words to enforce their perception and assumptions pointing towards things that are not MY TRUTH OR REALITY.” He also adds,” this post isn’t against anyone, including my ex-wife, that I still respect deeply.”

Lamar Odom And His New Girlfriend Sabrina Parr Exchange Kisses??


Lamar also changed his profile picture on Instagram to a beautiful photo of Sabrina. These all indicate that the news is not fake. Even it gains more weight on social network day by day.

The relationship between Khloe Kardashian and Lamar was rough and difficult enough to cross the day. But Lomor’s ex-wife also seemed to be in support of the new relationship between those two guys.

Their Los Angeles Story- Reborn

The new couple was previously located in Los Angeles. They were there at the celebrity hotspot to meet with the producing team. The reason behind this is, undoubtedly, the upcoming documentary film, Reborn. The film describes the path of recovery of Lamar. ‘pattern of addiction after years of trauma and the untimely death of his son led to an overdose that nearly ended Lamar’s life. Odom was unconscious for several days, suffering 12 strokes and six heart attacks before getting back on his feet. Lamar has been called a “walking miracle” by his doctors.’