Lady Gaga is Dating Someone, He is not Bradley Cooper

For a long time, it has been said that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have been dating each other, but recently Lady Gaga was spotted kissing an audio engineer Dan Horton during their romantic brunch date at a public place.

Bradley Cooper, 44, is a very famous American Actor and filmmaker. He got married to Jennifer Esposito in 2006 and got divorced from her in 2007 only.

For a long time, everyone is wondering who Bradley Cooper is dating. And the wait is over now, as it is reported that he is dating none other than Lady Gaga.

But it is not valid. On 28th July, Lady Gaga was spotted kissing an audio engineer Dan Horton during an intimate brunch date. From their kissing pictures, everyone can guess that they are more than friends.

And if she is dating Dan Horton, then she is not dating Bradley Cooper.

They both were seen at Studio city on a brunch date.  According to the other persons present there, they both were “deep in conversation,” and we’re kissing at an outdoor table at the front of the restaurant, which was completely visible to the sidewalk.

While kissing, they got so close that Lady Gaga got from her seat to the Dan Horton and put her hands around his shoulder and then started to kiss him while Dan was sitting.

One of the persons also said she was seen as confident and in a good place.