Inside Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron’s Blooming Relationship

Victoria’s Secret Model Gigi Hadid and Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron are reportedly in the early stages of their relationship. The duo has been spotted together on five different occasions, one of which saw Hadid driving an SUV and Tyler taking a nap in the passenger seat. Cameron,26, and Gigi,24, were hooked up by mutual friends in the modeling industry and ‘had been texting for weeks’ as reported by E!.

Inside Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron's Blooming Relationship

The supermodel who was in a relationship with One Direction singer Zayn Malik found a substitute who is no less than ‘The Pillowtalk’ singer in the ‘looks department(abundantly blessed, some might say). The stud who was pursuing the affections of Bachelorette co-star Hannah Brown swiftly moved on to a fresh prospect after Brown rejected him on the show. During Bachelorette stars Rachel Lindsay and Ali Manno’s, Bachelor Happy Hour podcast Brown claimed that Cameron’s public jaunts with Gigi were “disrespectful.”

It’s too soon to say if the couple is smitten with each other, but there is definitely potential in their relationship. They are ‘casually dating‘ by spending time with each other to test the waters before committing to a serious relationship. ET reported, ” There is a connection there for sure. Gigi was smiling last night than she has in a while. She looks really happy and calm with Tyler around. It’s like she is herself around him“.